John’s Small Batch

This is the second posting of John’s Small Batch, with the first being back on August 23, 2017, when we were 10 months into this venture and 8 months into our first full calendar year. Well, that first full calendar year has come and gone, and I hope you feel that our store has matured in our product offerings and knowledge. We also reached the milestone of getting our first bottle of Blanton’s Bourbon Whiskey, a highly allocated item. On December 16, 2017, we raffled off the opportunity to purchase that bottle and the prize was awarded, accepted, and the bottle purchased. I hope to continue to provide opportunities to purchase limited release and allocated bottles to our mailing list subscribers as the products become available, at reasonable prices, to acknowledge you all for your support.

I must say “Thank You,” to each of you that have aided us in our journey to this point and I hope everyone had the chance to share time with loved ones over the holiday season as we all look forward to, what I’m sure we all hope is a wonderful new year!

We have reached the point now that we have done some trial runs on an American Whiskey tasting/nosing as well as one on Tequila, so I anticipate that we will begin our private tasting/nosing events this month, January. Keep your eyes opened in upcoming newsletters for the formal announcement of our first private tasting event. We have some exciting plans in the works, which I’ll inform you of when they, hopefully, become formally approved.

Keep CRAFTED in mind as we move through the year, with our next sights on Valentine’s Day. Try one of our gift baskets of wine, pasta, and sauce for a private quiet evening together. Stop in and review what we can do for you by talking to me, Michael, or Cristian. You may have also notice that we’ve had some help from Karissa. You’ll see her from time to time as she continues her education and aids us as her class and study time permits.

You should see some product offering changes and expansions as we continue to move toward high-end spirits, but we will continue to have some of the standard offerings. Be sure and ask if we don’t carry something you like, and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate you. As always…

Come in and say Hello!

John Erdeljac